Send your kids to the Heron Reserve Summer Camps 


A week-long camp learning and playing in the unique wetland habitat of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.  Instructors are our environmental educators at the reserve and are skilled at working with all age groups and helping kids understand the importance and wonder of nature.  Did you know that a frog swallows with it’s eyeballs or that a dragonfly spends much of it’s life living underwater and can eat it’s entire body weight in food in only 30 minutes?

July 15-19 2019 ۰ 9:30—12:30 ۰ Ages 6-12 
$130 per week


A week-long camp learning art techniques from our resident artist, John LeFlock.  

Lessons will include everything from sketching to 3D art to airbrushing, and we can’t wait to share it all with YOU.
We’ll also have fun sketching and drawing animals that we find outside as we explore the connection of art to the natural world.
       All materials provided!

July 22—26 2019 ۰ 9:30—12:30 ۰ Ages 5 – 10 
$150 per week
August 19—23 2019 ۰ 9:30—12:30 ۰ Ages 8—14
$150 per week


In this camp, children get a mix of art and environmental education with half of the time spent with John LeFlock exploring different artistic techniques, and half of the time spent outside connecting to the unique habitat of the reserve.  

A combination of Wildlife Art and Nature Explorers, we are trying out two different things this year. July 8th through July 12th, we are doing an all ages (6 to 12), all day (9:30 to 3:30) where each child gets 3 hours of art instruction and 3 hours of outdoor education and play a day.  Art instruction includes some outdoor exploration as well.  July 29th through August 2nd, we are doing our standard half day camp (9:30 to 12:30), where each child does 1.5 hours of art and 1.5 hours of outdoor exploration and kids are divided into two different age groups (5 to 8 and 9 to 14)

July 8—12 2019 ۰ 9:30—3:30۰ Ages 6-12 – FULL DAY, MIXED AGES CAMP 
$200 per week
July 29-  Aug 2 2019 ۰ 9:30—12:30 ۰ Ages 5 -14 HALF DAY
$150 per week


Direct questions to  or call 604 823 6603 and ask for  Camille