Our Goal

To educate and inspire people of all ages to understand, protect and preserve the wetland environment and its wildlife through fun, engaging and interactive environmental awareness programs.

Booking a program?

Choose one from our listing: GBHNR School Program Brochure 2015-16

  • We prefer that you use the online form below to submit a booking request
  • Or contact the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve by email at herons@shawbiz.ca, or by phone at 604-823-6603 and ask for Camille.
  • Each program lasts 1 hour.  The Environmental Programs are delivered by our knowledgeable Environmental Educators and our Wildlife Art classes are delivered by an engaging local artist.  Try one of both for a fabulous mix of Art and Nature.
  • Booking includes use of picnic Area and/or the  Discovery Annex Classroom for inclement weather.

Bringing a class on your own?

  • Let us know so we can coordinate arrivals and departures and let you know where the booked group will be working.
  • There is no indoor space available for groups to eat or gather
  • If there are no booked groups on site, the Discovery Annex classroom may be available to use for a small donation.

 Program Fees

  • $100 per program per class
  • Book two programs on the same day for the same class and get a special rate of $150.
  • Max one class per program and supervising parents
  • Cancellation Fee $50 per class unless special circumstances are demonstrated.


  • We have  special parent participation programs for you!
  • Come explore nature with a Wetlands Discovery Walk About with activities for ages 3 and 4.
  • Total groups size is limited to one class (one parent per child)
  • Program fee $75 per class.

When you inquire about booking a program please let us know:

  • The program you would like
  • Your preferred date and time
  • The name of your school/group
  • Your contact name, email and phone number
  • The grade and number of students
  • If you have a student with limited mobility or a wheelchair bound student

Middle School and High Schools

  • Although our programs are geared towards a younger audience, if your middle or high school class is interested in a visit please call the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve and a program or environmental project can be arranged.

Notes for Teachers & Group Leaders

  • Please plan your bus to arrive 10 minutes before your start time.
  • Walk your class to the Discovery Annex Classrooms or Outdoor Amphitheatre as directed  in the confirmation email.
  • Discovery Annex Classrooms are a 3 minute walk west of the lower round about & bus parking
  • Programs starting late will still need to be finished on time due to other booked events.
  • Programs run rain or shine so please have students be prepared to be outside!
    • Proper outerwear and footwear is a must.
  • Cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee per class if less than 3 days notice unless exceptional circumstances (not for rain!).
  • Max six supervising parents unless previously discussed.
    • No siblings or extra adults permitted but may come and use the site and join the class on their free time.
  • The Rotary Interpretive Centre at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve has outdoor and indoor classrooms.
    • Washrooms are available inside the Interpretive Centre
  • An outhouse is located next to the Discovery Classrooms.
  • Please plan to eat snacks and lunches outside.
    • Outdoor picnic tables are located by the Interpretive Centre , next to the Discovery Classrooms and next to the Lower Parking lot.
  • Feel free to bring a pop up shelter for shade or rain.
  • In case of rain students may be able to eat in the classroom if it is not booked for another program.
  • Please have the students clean up the tables, chairs and floor.
  • All trails and facilities are wheelchair-accessible.


  • Bus drop off is in the lower round about, enter from Sumas Prairie Road, go up and over the dyke and down into the parking loop.
  • Additional car parking is to the left, below the dyke, outside the gates.
  • Parking for the disabled is inside the gates, on top of the dyke, near the Rotary Interpretive Centre or in the lower round about.

School Booking Request

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is only a request Dates are subject to availability. We will confirm with you if your desired date is available.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is only a request Dates are subject to availability. We will confirm with you if your desired date is available.
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